Marya Dabrowski Designs

About the artist

Marya Dabrowski comes from a long line of artists, sculptors and woodcarvers.
She is a self-taught jeweler who began silver smithing at the age of twelve and later studied at the Academy of Jewelry Arts in New York, concentrating in gold granulation, hand-cutting of gems, and cloisonne enameling.


“People often compliment me on my use of color. Enameling taught me to place my focus on rich and unusual color combinations that translate beautifully into gemstones.”



“I like to pair complimentary colors with opposite colors. While it is not the obvious choice, it gives people something that they have never quite seen before. I work in the full spectrum of gemstones with all of the spectacular colors that nature provides.”

I would like to invite you to preview the Mediterranean Collection, designs inspired by numerous trips to that region.
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