Learn how to get a google e-fax number

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There is a wide range of options available for faxing. Formerly, faxing required you to own a fax machine, an extra phone line dedicated exclusively for sending and receiving data. You could also skip the hassle and opt to send and receive fax through Gmail which requires only your computer and an internet connection. The former meant that for you to be able to transmit data with your office and clients, you had to spend money and time to have your system setup. Today installing the system doesn’t take time what’s more; getting a fax number takes less than 5 minutes. Internet fax technology has taken huge strides giving you an opportunity to use your Gmail address to send and receive faxes within the shortest time possible. Also, you don’t have to buy a dedicated land line since you’re allowed to use your Google fax number. Having a highly efficient and secure internet faxing solution at an affordable price is quite important for any entrepreneur or large company. With the latest technology, there are many options to enhance your business communication. Below we look at the most affordable option- receiving fax in your Gmail inbox.



Simply put, a fax number is an internet fax number you can use to forward all your incoming faxes to your Gmail inbox. This allows you to fax from your computer within Google’s dashboard. You probably have a Gmail account, but it is advisable to create a separate account to maintain organization of faxes sent and received separately from your email account.



An email fax service usually acts as the middle man between
Incoming traffic and your Gmail account. This, in turn, provides the connection that allows you to create an internet fax number as well as receiving Gmail fax. Gmail fax services offer an array of features, but the most prominent one is the free internet fax numbers they offer. This virtual number is usually automatic and converts the format of incoming faxes into digital format for them to be delivered to your Gmail address in a few seconds. You don’t have to configure anything because the process is usually automatic. The services are chargeable, but they are the most convenient to enhance your Gmail into a virtual fax machine.


Service providers give you an option of choosing from toll-free, local or vanity number. It’s always important to choose the one best suited for your business. Keeping your current vanity number to have it propagated for online service is also an option. You can contact your service provider on how to have it set up.

Presently, signing up with a free virtual number is the only way to have a free virtual fax number. Some websites do not allow you to post free pages and therefore do not offer options for receiving faxes. The main advantage of using a service is that the whole process or posting and receiving data is automated, therefore no configuration is required.